The Flexilight Principle

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Flexilight Catalogue

The core of each FlexiLight Table Lamp is the original 1. Liquid Wax Refill. The particular purity of the special high-grade wax used in the manufacturing process of FlexiLight Liquid Wax Refills lets the flame burn almost odor and sootless. The refill is not pressurized and absolutely leak proof. Wax drops are impossible! it fully disappears underneath the 2.Deco Safety Sleeve which us made of premium aluminium and is available in 26 different colors. There is the perfect sleeve color for each and every setting. If the candle should accidentally be knocked over the Deco Safety Sleeve slightly slides over the wick and extinguishes the flame.

The convenient Liquid Wax Refill and decorative safety sleeve can be used in most of FlexiLights 3. Lamp Bases. The mouth blown 4. Lamp Glasses are available in different shapes and sizes and can be flexibly matched to the chosen Table Lamp. Simply choose the Table Lamp which depicts the interior of your hotel or restaurant in the best manner. This way your guests can savor an enhanced ambience through the bright shining natural candlelight and you can enjoy the advantages of the low-cost, safe and clean FlexiLight principle.

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