A. Ronai LLC Glassware collection 2012 is a beautiful combination of high end single piece stemware and tumblers from Glass & Co. Austria along with mid range commercial purpose glasses from Borgonovo.


Glass & Co.

The pleasure of drinking wine is truly experienced through the senses.  People’s enthusiasm for one of the world’s oldest drinks has been growing the past several years and has since developed into a true wine “boom”.

The three main components to enjoying wine:
SEE – SMELL – TASTE, are made possible by, and influenced from, an obvious detail: the GLASS.
We here at Glass & Co call our wine glasses the “director” of wine.  Our methods of creating glass are not just perfect for wine connoisseurs and restaurateurs in terms of design and sensory experience, but they also set a new standard in break resistance.

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Borgonovo Glassware made in Italy

The company was founded in 1950 by three partners and traditionally produced glass for the domestic market. the production process was entirely manual over an area of 2000 sq meters. The company was growing quick and soon reached staff levels of 700. The 50′s and 60′s was a time of investment as the company moved from manual production to a semi-automatic and later to a fully automatic system.


To see the full range of Borgonovo and the catalogue, please click here


We at A. Ronai LLC carry stocks for both of these glass collections, please view either brand page where you will be able to download the glassware catalogue.





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