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Ronai Glassware Collection

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“NOTA VITRUM” is the Latin expression for “glass as a sign of recognition”. This is the Motto Glass & Co has chosen to satisfy the requirements of wine professionals exclusive cellars and the fine dinning industry.

The pleasure of drinking wine is truly experienced through the senses.  People’s enthusiasm for one of the world’s oldest drinks has been growing the past several years and has since developed into a true wine “boom”.

To taste the nuances of different wines and to experience the pleasure of recognizing the difference between a good wine and a very good wine is a combination of many details.

The three main components to enjoying wine:
SEE – SMELL – TASTE, are made possible by, and influenced from, an obvious detail: the GLASS.
We here at Glass & Co call our wine glasses the “director” of wine.  Our methods of creating glass are not just perfect for wine connoisseurs and restaurateurs in terms of design and sensory experience, but they also set a new standard in break resistance.


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