Steelite Porcelain Ranges

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Steelite Porcelain Catalogue

Steelite Porcelain Ranges

The Porcelain ranges are uniquely designed to bring a sensational added dimension to the dining experience. Created to explore everything that dining has to offer, the ranges draw on all the senses to help the diner fully appreciate chefs creations.

Crucial Detail

Martin Kastner’s Crucial Detail design studio in Chicago has partnered with acclaimed US chef Grant Achatz of the No.1 rated US restaurant Alinea, to create a unique and surprising range of tableware.
Steelite International have now engaged with Crucial Detail to bring these acclaimed designs to the worldwide hospitality market for the first time.

Rene OzorioTablescapes in chic porcelain

The Rene Ozorio Collections extol the philosophy of its designer Rene Ozorio, that tableware should be tactile, functional and possess elements of surprise and delight. The concept is of ‘tablescapes’, where the total of material, textures and forms create a perfect setting in which foodservice is the central aspect.

For inspired presentations the ranges in the Ozorio Collection offer a myriad of opportunities:

  • Cool blue-white porcelain
  • Delicate embossments
  • Captivating shape and form
  • Functional design
  • Integrated ranges



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