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The UK creators of Bag Buddy have found a solution to a new problem facing the Hospitality industry, what to do with a handbag at a restaurant table?   Guests are conditioned to think that their expensive handbags should be placed at their feet or on the nearest chair, which had historically been the only option available to them.  Following this exciting product launch, consumers and proprietors found that this new, innovative and fresh approach to handbag stowage has addressed an age-old problem that no one had attempted to tackle before

Since the launch, restaurants, hotels, bars and salons all over the UK and overseas are reaping the rewards of offering Bag Buddy to their customers, with clientele now asking for them as soon as they walk through the door


Innovation in Design

Collaborating with a top design agency and one of the UK’s leading engineering companies, the creators enhanced their prototype and created a unique steel frame, at a height that was suitable for most tables and busy locations, which could be stowed easily and moved around with ease for the comfort of customers

Generating Real Value

The necessity to provide value is at the core of the business. The role of the designers and innovators was to create value in unique ways – not to just create a new idea or to make it look better but to produce something that would add value to the proprietor and the customer – creating a more memorable and unique service experience and giving a competitive edge

Seeking Better Solutions

This common pursuit for a better way is what continues to make Bag Buddy the product of choice for proprietors across the UK and beyond.  They are united in their effort to deliver the best possible quality product in faster and more dynamic ways

Defining the Way Forward

At Bag Buddy, the philosophy is to deliver a stylish-yet-functional bag stand made specifically for restaurants, bars, hotels and salons.  Bag Buddy can be supplied from the extensive standard range or, alternatively, if you need something more specific or unique a bespoke piece can be created to meet all requirements

Bag Buddy provides a helpful solution to a very high standard

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