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Made from high grade borosilicate glass the new bloomix thermal glass ranges are made exclusively from the highest grade raw materials. This makes them not only dishwasher and microwave safe; they are also highly transparent, extremely scratch resistant and resistant to thermal shock- bloomix delivers the best in restaurant quality glassware

The glasses meet the highest standard for all areas of the restaurant industry. The thickness of the glass walls ensures lasting durability and high resistance to damage

The double-walled glasses are all hand-blown. Tiny deviations related to production attest to the handwork involved in the manufacture of bloomix glassware

bloomix has developed a wide selection of high grade double-walled glasses through years of development work – this includes coffee and tea, catering and bar glasses as well as containers for iced desserts and carafes

The air between the glass walls functions as an insulator, thus keeping hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for longer.  If the contents of your bloomix glass are hot, the exterior of the glass warms only slightly – burning your fingers is out of the question. If you fill your bloomix glass with something cold, again thanks to the insulating effect of the air trapped between the walls of the glass, no condensation collects on the exterior

Through the striking design of the double-walled construction, it looks as if the contents of the glass are somehow weightless, floating. This highly attractive look complements the practical functionality of all of the glassware from bloomix

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