Consol Solar Jar

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 Consol Solar Jar

Suntoy is a proudly South African company that has designed and manufactured the Consol Solar Jar™ since 2011. Every Suntoy employee believes that the solar powered products they assemble are enriching lives – their own and their communities

The production of the Consol Solar Jar™ is completely handmade, which ensures the highest quality as well as durability

The Consol Solar Jar™ is perfect for welcoming guests with a personalised note, or for dinner.  You can use it for lighting a table at the restaurant terrace or setting the mood at a banquet or buffet.

The Consol Solar Jar™ can also be used as a memorable marketing tool with resale opportunities available on branded stock in your boutiques or room service.  The jars can also be given as a gift to your VIP guests

A guest who has a Consol Solar Jar™ in their home will constantly be reminded of their memorable stay in your resort which can increase your repeat customer rates and even bring new customers

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