Welcoming the new Dudson line to the Ronai collection
Churchill acquired the Dudson brand to ensure its longevity & sustainability for the future. The Dudson brand will keep its own identity, reinvented by Churchill but retaining the legacy

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Dudson offers:
• A longstanding and prestigious brand with over 200 years of heritage
• Exclusivity to hospitality
• Expert craft potters (clay and raw materials knowledge and development)
• Industrial toughness
• A reputation for inspirational design and stylish product

Phase 1 – Harvest
June 2019 Launch

• Made in England, and designed with industrial toughness
• 5 glaze colours – Natural, Linen, Brown, Green and Blue available across 13 core shapes
• Authentically handcrafted, each piece is glazed by hand, leaving an original ‘makers mark’ on the back
• Finished with a brown glaze, this is hand sponged onto the rim, naturally flowing to create an individual finish
• A 5 Year Edge Chip Warranty applies on selected items

Phase 2 – Evo and Terrazzo
September 2019 Launch

• A replication of the original Dudson Evo range launching in 3 bestselling colours – Granite, Pearl and Jet. Available in a selection of embossed round plates and bowls, as well as signature piece oblongs and ovals
• High quality vitrified ceramic body, manufactured in partnership with a longstanding Churchill partnership

• Available in 2 colours, blue and green
• Textured surface pattern is created through the innovative printing technique
• The print produces a variance in effect and colour, so every piece retains individual character
• Manufactured in the finest vitrified body, providing industrial toughness within a professional hospitality environment
• A 5 Year Edge Chip Warranty applies on all items


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