Emile Henry

The Emile Henry Food Service collection offers a successful blend of sleek design, modularity and sturdiness!

Each of the ranges are produced in harmonious colours, from high quality ceramic, all handmade in France

Emile Henry HR® (High Resistance) ceramic is designed for use by professionals. Made from natural materials, free from cadmium, nickel or lead, it guarantees non-toxic cooking

Non-stick, smooth and non-porous, the hard glaze is easy to clean and does not retain odours or bacteria. The coloured glaze is also a powerful way to enhance content and presentations


  • Shock resistant
  • Thermal resistance from -20 degrees and +270 degrees
  • Maintains temperature 30% longer
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Safe to use in the Oven, Microwave and Salamander


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