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Nude offers a complete glassware solution for the hospitality industry
Known for design excellence, the portfolio delivers exceptional products with an ethos in simplicity

Simple is beautiful, pure, clear and transparent
Simple is useable, clean, uncluttered and practical
Simple is convenient, reliable and professional
Simple is all of these things, and also the reason why things are so rarely simple!

Nude glassware is always fit for purpose. It is practical, sturdy, and usable, never losing sight of the need for functionality
This idea of practical and aesthetic integration is the guiding principle behind Nude, and is reflected both in the mind set and culture

While working to deliver the perfect range of glassware, Nude also focuses on practical requirements, the lead free crystal is designed to marry excellence with dependability and practicality
The respect for the realities of the hospitality business lies at the heart of our relationship with the industry

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