Pillivuyt Porcelain

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Pillivuyt Porcelain

Established in 1818, Pillivuyt is one of the few porcelain makers to develop its own base compound on-site at the factory in France.


Always in pursuit of innovation, Pillivuyt have continuously improved the ceramic material and manufacturing processes, building an international reputation of expertise and the ability to create new technologies and designs.

Thanks to its numerous exceptional properties, Pillivuyt porcelain is an essential element to make work in the kitchen easier:

Food hygiene

Pillivuyt porcelain is fired at very high temperatures (1400°C / 2552°F) which gives the products a high resistance to thermal shocks and creates a totally non-porous exterior surface.  This prevents the penetration of bacteria as well as tastes or odors, ensuring the maximum protection in food hygiene.  All our products are free from lead and cadmium and from active components such as phthalates, benzene….


Resistance to thermal shocks

Pillivuyt products can withstand temperatures ranging from -30°C to +350°C. They can be placed in the freezer and go directly in the oven or microwave*.


All products can be used in the oven or microwave*.  The quality of the porcelain allows them to be used on gas or electric stoves with a diffuser. The new Ulysses range can even be used on direct heat sources including gas, electric burners and induction stoves.

Excellent heat retention to keep food warm

The Pillivuyt culinary porcelain allows more even cooking and helps keep the dishes warm at the table.


Beautiful and easy to clean

The whiteness and extreme hardness of Pillivuyt’s glaze makes the products exceptionally easy to clean and very aesthetically pleasing. The quality of the glaze also ensures that Pillivuyt dishes will keep their brilliance throughout the years.


*Except for the products decorated with gold or platinum which cannot be used in the microwave.

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